King, Edward, First LLC
Digital Marketing and Strategy Advisors


Enterprise and Digital Marketing Strategy.


Even the most visionary executive team can have trouble seeing the forest for the trees in the midst of day-to-day projects and priorities. Strategy and alignment suffer and in the worst cases even well-meaning executives can find themselves pushing in opposite directions. We help bring stakeholders to a viable strategy and align their efforts with it.


Whether it's individual consumers seeing your online ad or or large business clients engaging with your sales materials, converting leads into customers is crucial for any business.  The end of the sales funnel is the worst and most expensive place to "lose" a sale, making conversion optimization a powerfully high-leverage activity.


No business can ignore the web, as a source of customer and leads or as a source of threats and opportunities to a company's reputation.  With thousands of approaches to and components of digital marketing cluttering the landscape, King, Edward, First partners with executives to prioritize and execute on the key drivers of success for your organization.


King, Edward, First specializes in helping organizations with decentralized and/or outsourced service providers navigate particular challenges: recruiting, managing, and incentivizing talent, protecting service quality and brand image, maintaining the customer relationship, and turning service providers into potential salespeople.


We excel at analyzing a business' existing revenue streams and finding opportunities for upsells, cross-sells, partnerships, recurring revenue as well as potential entries into adjoining businesses.  Our clients have typically enjoyed 10-20% revenue increases with only an insignificant increase to costs and complexity.


Everyone is talking about cybersecurity, but for many the conversation stops with expensive (and quickly obsolete) software defenses..  A holistic approach to cybersecurity is needed that goes well beyond the IT department, focuses on more than high-profile "hacking", and is integrated into C-level executives' "radar screen" and Boards' oversight responsibilities.